Welcome to Wikidog.gy, the Wikipedia for Dog Lovers

I just set this site up today (Sept. 12, 2013) and hope to have it fully functional in a few days. I’m looking for contributors to write about dog breeds, dog issues and everything dog in an authoritative way.

So, please bear with me while I get things running. Thanks!

Gary McCarty

PS Now you can add your avatar or picture to your registration.


Everyone who registers here becomes a Contributor, with privileges to create wiki entries about dogs. You will not be able to take your articles live, however. Only I can do that after I review and approve them (so far, I’ve received lots of spam). The first step after logging in is to hit the “Create Wiki” tab on the User Control Widget on the right:

wikidog.gy login to admin

The Create Wiki tab will take you to the editing dashboard.

This take you to the editing dashboard, or admin interface, where you need to choose “Wikis”:

Wikidog.gy dashboard

Choose ‘Wikis’ to take you to the editing/entry tool.

Now, you’re at the editing page, where you can choose “Add Wiki” and go to work. You can also choose categories and tags to go with your article, though I have already created some basic categories from which you can choose:

The wiki editing tools on Wikidog.gy

The wiki editing tools on Wikidog.gy.